thought-leadership2With offices in more than 150 major North American markets, CMIT Solutions has established itself as an authority on affordable IT solutions businesses. But preventative IT care isn’t the only thing that our expansive network of franchise partners and executive team are knowledgeable about — they’re often called upon by local, regional, and national media to act as sources on the most pressing entrepreneurship, marketing, and business news of the day.

Recently, CMIT Solutions’ own content editor and copywriter Nick McGregor was consulted by Inc. Magazine about the results of merging marketing and thought leadership. He discussed a few ways for a brand to achieve stronger conversion rates and greater brand loyalty, including establishing yourself as a resource in your industry, building customer loyalty with transparency, and growing brand trust. Nick was able to share examples of these objectives from his work at CMIT Solutions.

“There are many ways to go about creating media inside a corporation,” McGregor added. “For instance, at CMIT Solutions, we create and curate content for those interested in enterprise technology. We have a weekly eNewsletter that we send to business leaders and executives that supplements information they are reading in the mainstream media, whether it’s about data breaches or the end of support for Windows XP.”

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