With offices supporting clients in more than 150 major North American markets, CMIT Solutions has established itself as an authority on affordable IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But preventative IT care isn’t the only thing that our expansive network of franchise partners and executive team are knowledgeable about — they’re often called upon by trade, local, regional, and national media to act as sources on the most pressing entrepreneurship, marketing, and business news of the day.

Burtzlaff, TomRecently, Tom Burtzlaff, president of CMIT Solutions of Columbia and an area developer for the Baltimore-Washington D.C. corridor, was featured in Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine to discuss outsourcing services in franchises. As a CMIT franchisee, Tom provides IT outsourcing services to small and medium-size businesses in his territory in Maryland and Northern Virginia while outsourcing portions of his own overhead, such as legal services, accounting, payroll, HR and bookkeeping. Just as Tom’s clients benefit from outsourcing their IT support to the experts at CMIT Solutions, Tom benefits from being able to focus on his business while outsourcing non-operational functions.

“As a multi-unit franchisee, it can be easy to be dragged into the day-to-day administrative aspects of your business,” Burtzlaff says in the article. “I always say that our team’s most important issue is to work on the business, not in the business.”

The CMIT Solutions franchise system gives owners the opportunity to think as executives instead of handling administrative work and upkeep. It is the ideal opportunity for people with sales and marketing experience who want to grow as business leaders.

Click here to read the full article in Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine.

CMIT offers the “complete solution”: assessing the technology needs of every client we work with to find the fastest, safest, most cutting-edge solutions in the business at a price small to medium-sized businesses can expect. Our specialized suite of services combines intimate local service and proactive IT solutions that make technology work for SMBs, not against it. Kudos to Tom for achieving such a highly respected status among entrepreneurs in America.