mid_size_NickLaRosaResizedAs the brand grows across North America, CMIT Solutions continues to cement itself in the communities it serves, playing a critical role in the development of small and medium-size businesses.

The Assistance League of St. Louis (ALSL), a nonprofit organization that is entirely volunteer-run, was looking for a strategic technology advisor that could support the group in achieving its mission of making a difference for families in the community. As an active member of the local business culture, CMIT Solutions of St. Louis Southwest’s owner Nick LaRosa was introduced to the ALSL at a business expo. Together, a partnership was formed and Nick was able to upgrade and reconfigure their technology systems. In addition to the technology refresh, CMIT Solutions worked closely with the organization on a store expansion project. To show support for the organization, CMIT Solutions began giving back 10 percent of its managed services revenue to ALSL each year.

As a result, the services and support provided by CMIT have enhanced ALSL’s ability to meet the needs of children and families in the community. Now, the organization has a safer, more secure environment for its volunteers.

“Partnering with CMIT Solutions of St. Louis Southwest could not have happened at a better time,” said Kayla Kremer, vice president of IT for the Assistance League of St. Louis. “We needed a complete overhaul of our IT systems, which only a company like CMIT Solutions could deliver. As the head of technology at ALSL, I have complete trust in their team. If there are any issues, they resolve them right away. We can now fully focus on carrying out our mission in the community without worrying about security issues or technological hiccups.”

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