Josh Sommers, President and CEO of Focus Media, relies heavily on seamless technology integration to advise world-renowned companies and their CEOs on crisis communications, public relations, and marketing.

Under Josh’s leadership, Focus Media, one of New York’s largest public relations and marketing firms operating outside of Manhattan, has won more than 200 national awards for marketing in health care, tourism, and economic development. And for seven years, CMIT Solutions of Orange County has served as the company’s IT solutions partner, providing education and counsel to ensure Focus Media runs efficiently.

Greg Miller, owner of CMIT Solutions of Orange County, works with Josh and Focus Media in a multitude of ways. In addition to seamlessly integrating the company’s PC and Mac computers, CMIT also secures Focus Media’s network and data, all with the goal of minimizing downtime and protecting the large amount of information stored on the company’s network.

“If Focus Media experiences a crisis, from a natural disaster to a ransomware attack, we have the ability to virtualize the server and run it in the cloud,” Greg says. “Even if the physical building disappeared, they can continue to work and service their clients.”

Greg also acts as a trusted advisor to Josh, constantly thinking about ways to proactively ensure that Focus Media has every IT solution it needs to perform. Instead of waiting around for technology problems to arise, Greg often details what equipment may need an upgrade, what new threats to the network could arise, and what tactics could be implemented to avoid a crisis. That means 24/7 monitoring to keep a constant watch on the company’s desktops, laptops, mobile devices, networks, servers, printers, and more.

“Once I met Greg, we really learned the things that we needed to ensure that our data is safe,” Josh says. “We could have a working environment to ensure our clients have the things that they need. We really do have a seamless and integrated environment thanks to the help of CMIT.”

Diverse businesses like Focus Media have been prime targets for spearphishing, a method of targeting that infiltrates an individual’s email account with the goal of obtaining money or installing malware. With CMIT Solutions of Orange County’s help, Focus Media and its network stays protected and monitored 24/7.

“On top of actively providing technology advice,” Greg adds, “we’ve trained the employees at Focus Media to spot a possible ransomware attack, since they are the ones using the devices day in and day out. We do everything possible to prevent unauthorized access to their network, including support that focuses on the human element of the company.”

With the help of Greg Miller and CMIT Solutions of Orange County, Josh Sommers and Focus Media can thrive with proactive business continuity solutions and responsive IT support. “To have the trust in a partner like Greg and CMIT Solutions makes a big difference for us,” Josh finishes.