CMIT Solutions has established itself as the most reliable and knowledgeable provider of IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across North America. CMIT Solutions keeps a finger on the fast-changing world of IT, and its robust network of more than 170 franchise providers leverage this expertise to provide comprehensive and affordable IT solutions in their communities.

Such expertise does not go unnoticed. CMIT Solutions franchise providers are routinely called upon to share their advice about IT solutions and related topics. As Hurricane Irma took aim at Florida, the storm’s intensity understandably worried locals looking to secure their prized possessions including IT systems and critical business data

In a feature for the Florida Times-Union, CMIT Solutions of Jacksonville President and Owner Dom Sanfilippo shared several tips for SMBs to consider as part of their disaster preparedness plan. Sanfilippo also included recommendations for data retrieval and IT systems recovery after the storm. Contrary to popular opinion, the drying of waterlogged devices can lead to further damage, Sanfilippo pointed out as part of a series of comprehensive strategies to prepare both in advance of Irma and after the hurricane passed over the state.

CMIT Solutions franchise providers such as Sanfilippo are on the leading edge of IT security solutions, maintaining a fingers on the pulse of the evolving IT landscape and constantly updating their knowledge through an established support and training program. CMIT’s franchise partners have access to the latest educational resources and vendor benefits from established industry leaders such as Dell and Microsoft.

CMIT Solutions supports its franchise providers every step of the way and part of that includes continual marketing outreach such as the article in Florida Times Union. These features not only position CMIT Solutions as the go-to resource for IT solutions in their local communities but also serve as great marketing tools to establish CMIT Solutions as a trusted brand for SMB IT solutions.

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