CMIT Solutions has established itself as an industry leader in delivering custom IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). CMIT Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of IT protections that can build strong levels of defense around business data and devices and establish safe online identities. The North America-wide network of CMIT franchise partners keeps a finger on the pulse of trends in the cybersecurity world via a proactive approach.

Since CMIT Solutions is the go-to provider for IT solutions across the board, individual franchise partners are frequently relied upon to provide expert commentary about the latest developments in the IT world. Recently, franchise partner Anthony Catalano, President of CMIT Solutions of the Florida Parishes, shared his expertise about protecting valuable business data in an article in Louisiana Job Connection.

He pointed out that cyberattacks and ransomware threats are not just challenges that large companies face. In fact, SMBs are particularly vulnerable to ongoing cyberattacks because they have very few safeguards in place. In the article, Catalano shared three basic strategies that SMBs should implement to keep hackers at bay, along with remedies to take if valuable business data is indeed hacked. You can read more of Catalano’s advice for SMBs here.

By sharing his expertise with the local media, Catalano has established his CMIT Solutions franchise business as the leading authority on all IT solutions in the Florida Parishes region of Louisiana. Such media coverage gives Catalano even greater visibility as the one-stop provider of comprehensive IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

CMIT Solutions franchise partners across North America distinguish their businesses in their local communities by providing a broad range of IT solutions to SMBs at competitive prices. Becoing a franchise partner with CMIT Solutions also means access to strong growth and marketing opportunities. All CMIT Solutions franchise partners receive ongoing public relations support which allows them a platform to share their expertise and increase visibility in local communities.

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