CMIT Solutions recognizes that with social media, like other elements of the marketing mix, it is important to put your best foot forward with a well-planned social media strategy that can be launched and maintained within budget. Similar to direct marketing, social media should be used as a call-to-action marketing tool, that promotes brand positioning and helps sustain and enhance brand loyalty.

There are several social media intricacies that make it unique, such as the fact that it allows proactive promotion, and reactive promotion, both relatively instantly without needing to bust through concrete barriers. But, social media needs to be weaved into overall brand strategies.

We maintain a strong presence on Facebook for our company’s corporate presence. And, we do the same on Twitter. Likewise, our CEO, Jeff Connally, maintains an up to date Linked In page with probing technology and business topics.

All of this is done to ensure that CMIT Solutions is well represented on the channels that we now our clients and franchise partner prospects are visiting as part of their due diligence. By keeping a professional, yet engaging approach to social media, we are staying timely and topical. Plus, as the corporate representation, we are setting an example by which our franchise partners can follow – even feeding off our social media entries.

Given the importance we place on social media, we have implemented ways to support our franchise partners’ use of social media. At our annual conference recently held in Miami, Florida, a large number of our franchise partners sat in on a comprehensive social media presentation. Additionally, we have held webinars on the topic and have provided our franchise partners guidelines for their use of social media.

Social media is a MUST DO. It is a catalyst for sharing and engaging, while establishing expertise. All said, social media is an important part of enhancing loyalty and driving the bottom line.

If you’re someone considering investing in a franchise, make sure your franchisor is prepared to guide and support your social media assets. CMIT Solutions is paving the way for its franchisees and we encourage you take a look for yourself.

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