CMIT Solutions prides itself on the impact we have on small and medium-sized business across North America. Recently, CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown was able to provide serious help to the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is the largest and most diverse business association in the region, representing more than 2,000 companies and 700,000 individuals in the workforce. The Chamber works to keep the Seattle business community healthy through policy and project work as well as providing tools that companies need to succeed.

A web presence — and the reliability of that presence — is an incredibly important component to the Chamber’s work. Unfortunately, their previous IT provider was making life more difficult instead of easier: open and lagging issues kept Chamber employees from being truly productive, and the price of their IT support wasn’t reflective of the quality of service the Chamber was receiving.

Once the Chamber connected with Jeff Steele and his team at CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown, however, things began to change. CMIT put a technician on site for several hours a week to help with specific issues, including consolidating Office365 usage and enabling the Chamber to take advantage of 0365 non-profit pricing. CMIT brought the Chamber’s complex server infrastructure under control, eliminating many existing errors that and getting servers running in a consistent and stable fashion. Additionally, CMIT was able to reduce the costs associated with new hardware acquisition by leveraging its partnerships with various vendors.

Now, CMIT has provided stable and predictable IT costs, reduced the overall cost of monthly licensing, produced higher customer service levels, and heightened user satisfaction.

“After we began working with CMIT in February, we noticed immediately that Jeff and his team were incredibly responsive and helpful,” says Sarai Childs, COO of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. “We’ve had bad experiences before, but Jeff and his team know before we do when our networks are down. We love CMIT’s all-inclusive approach, and we’re able to better plan out our capital expenditures now. The main bonus is that we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time that we need to manage our outsourced IT. Jeff and his team have been there for us every step of the way.”

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