CMIT Solutions understands that small businesses work best when they can offer a comprehensive package of services to their clients. Franchise partners at CMIT Solutions often team up with local businesses to complement their offerings, serving as a reliable option for one-stop IT small business solutions.

Case in point: Jared Knisley, President of CMIT Solutions of Tampa – Temple Terrace, has developed a thriving partnership with Jay Anthony, President of Audit Liaison. Audit Liaison delivers audits of area businesses, ensuring that they are compliant with federal NIST standards. Included in these standards are specific protocols for data-handling security.

If the audits show gaps in security standards, Jay Anthony refers his clients to CMIT Solutions of Tampa – Temple Terrace. Backed by an extensive North America-wide network, Knisley keeps his finger on the pulse of cybersecurity trends. He understands which security compliance measures need to be implemented to meet NIST standards.

Such strategic alliances are a win-win for all parties concerned: CMIT Solutions develops a thriving partnership and, through referrals from Audit Liaison, increases its revenue. At the same time, Audit Liaison increases its value-add to clients by bringing in a partner who can close the loop in terms of compliance.

More than 165 CMIT Solutions franchise partners deliver just the kind of comprehensive services that have won Knisley a rock-solid reputation in Tampa. Providing a range of IT solutions, from upgrading servers to 24/7 cybersecurity protections, small and medium-sized businesses can rest assured that their IT needs are met.

Equally important, CMIT Solutions deliver these services at an affordable price point, making them the go-to option for a variety of companies in markets across the United States and Canada.

All over the country, franchise partners like Knisley forge strategic alliances with local community partners to increase both visibility and revenue. Knisley’s work with Audit Liaison is just one example of how CMIT Solutions franchise partners provide trusted IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

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