Philip Smith was tired of traveling. For more than ten years, he worked as a health care IT consultant helping large medical institutions around the country with their electronic medical records. Before that, he served 20 years in the United Sates Navy. Smith decided it was time to leverage his knowledge and stay put in his own community delivering small business IT solutions. That move led the Navy veteran to open a new location of CMIT Solutions in Ocala, Florida.

Smith’s previous experience is tailor-made for life as a franchise partner with CMIT Solutions. The Navy taught him self-discipline, confidence, and motivation, he says, while working as a health care IT consultant sharpened his people skills. 

In today’s technology environment, small businesses need a comprehensive suite of IT solutions to retain a competitive edge. Too often, they lack the resources to staff an entire department and keep systems humming. That’s where CMIT Solutions comes in.  

“Think of us as your outsourced IT department,” Smith says. “Our goal is to enable our clients to focus on what they do best: supporting their customers and growing their business. These businesses will now have access to a full-time IT staff they can trust at prices they can afford.

Smith is delighted to join CMIT Solutions’ North American network, which keeps its finger on the pulse of ever-changing trends in managed IT solutions.. Franchise partners like Smith deliver a comprehensive suite of small business IT solutions, from proactive maintenance to cybersecurity protections, system backups, and ‘round-the-clock support in case of disruptions.

“With the support of CMIT’s home office, technology partners, and a network of 190-plus offices nationwide, we are part of an organization with remarkable resources,” Smith says. “The opportunity allows me not only to interact with my community but to help other small to medium-sized businesses operate in a more efficient and secure environment.”

The cutting-edge small business IT solutions that CMIT delivers helps franchise partners like Smith do just that.

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