CMIT Solutions has spent the last two and a half decades establishing its reputation in the IT, franchising, and small business worlds. With more than 160 offices across the nation, CMIT is relied upon for affordable IT solutions in nearly every major US city.

Known nationwide and across North America as an authoritative voice on managed IT services for small-and medium-sized businesses in the communities they serve, CMIT Solutions’ franchise partners are often called upon as expert sources on trending issues in franchising, IT, and cybersecurity. This gives them the opportunity to share their expertise, promote the CMIT name, and encourage members of their community to turn to them for technology support.
Recently, CMIT Solutions of Central Orlando President Mike Sabitov appeared in the Orlando Business Journal to offer some advice on cybersecurity enhancement for potential investors. Mike has cultivated a relationship with the Orlando Business Journal so that they rely on him as a local expert about IT topics like these.

“In the U.S., we have good laws and physical security, but as far as cybersecurity, there are not a lot of borders and we are exposed to the outside world,” Sabitov says in in the article. “We’re not provided good enough security, so if you look at it from that perspective, it opens up a lot of demand for cybersecurity enhancement.”

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