CMIT Solutions held its 23rd annual convention in May in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This year’s annual convention was CMIT’s largest event to date—60 percent larger than in 2018.

“The annual convention is something we all look forward to,” said Jeff Connally, member of the Board of Directors for CMIT Solutions. “The opportunity to bring everyone together for a few days and take a deep dive into the business and the industry is immensely valuable. Since we are adding several new franchisees into the system each year, the convention serves as a wonderful time to have some of the newer owners share ideas and best practices with owners who have been a part of the franchise for 20-plus years. The time in Atlantic City was a true reminder of how fortunate we all are to be surrounded by such a talented, smart, and innovative group.”

Themed “CMIT Elevate,” the four-day convention brought the whole CMIT system—corporate leadership, franchisees, technicians, and alliance partners—together to strategize, grow, and develop.

Throughout the convention, CMIT’s team participated in extensive sales and marketing training, educational seminars, and opportunities to share best practices. The convention also celebrated several key accomplishments for alliance partners, franchisees, and the brand as a whole. During the banquet dinner, Connally presented the highest Franchise of the Year honor to CMIT Solutions of Fairfax owner Terry Whearley.

CMIT Solutions of Fairfax earned the recognition with a series of high marks in all criteria judged, including total revenue, operations, number of managed seats, and frequent participation within the franchise system.

CMIT Solutions has carved its niche as an industry innovator specializing in services for the small and mid-market business community. CMIT welcomed40 new offices in 2018 and expects to open 50 in 2019.

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