IT professionals are needed now more than ever, so it’s only fitting that we celebrate these talented professionals on National IT Professionals Day, which is September 17, and throughout the year.

In today’s evolving digital landscape, small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) depend on IT services as much as large enterprises. However, SMBs have unique IT challenges, and they might not have dedicated resources to manage their growing IT needs. At the same time, SMBs are just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as larger companies — close to half (43%) of cyberattacks target SMBs, according to a Verizon report. SMBs need comprehensive and agile IT services in order to keep their computer systems and data safe, secure, and running efficiently.

CMIT Solutions franchise partners make the time to evaluate every SMB’s unique needs and customize their services accordingly. Additionally, CMIT Solutions franchise partners access one of the most vibrant markets in the world; the United States comprises the largest chunk (31%) of the global tech sector, with a 2019 value of approximately $1.6 trillion. CMIT Solutions operates in a high-demand market, and its partnerships with national IT vendors enable CMIT to provide even more value to its clients.

On National IT Professionals Day and throughout the year, it’s worth revisiting the importance of professional IT staff who keep a finger on the pulse of changing trends, serving as an essential asset of every small business. Given the need for tailored IT solutions and the growth of the tech sector, CMIT franchise partners can expect a demand for their professional services today and in the future.

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