Biannual conference shows top small business tech trends for 2012

CMIT Solutions Top Tech Trends

Telepresence, cloud computing, managed print services.

How can these emerging technologies help IT consultants serve their small business clients? How can they help small businesses work more efficiently in 2012?

As we have for the past five years, CMIT Solutions scoured the SMB Nation fall conference in Las Vegas for information to pass on to our franchise owners, who then share it with their clients. This year’s theme was “Pivot to the Cloud & Emerging Technology.” As a trusted technology advisor to thousands of small businesses nationwide, CMIT always looks for ways to support our franchise owners by keeping up with rapidly evolving small business technology trends.

Based on what experts predict, the three main tech trends for small and medium-sized business owners will emerge in 2012 — trends we’re happy to say CMIT Solutions is all over:

Convergence of Voice, Video Conferencing, Cloud Computing and Managed Print Services. Most small businesses depend on separate service providers for voice, video, communications and web-based printing. But small businesses in 2012 will be switching to providers that offer all of those services. Consolidating services to one provider lowers costs and improves usability and efficiency. With convergence, employees can join voice and video conferences, access and share data from the cloud and print from any computer to any printer — no matter where they are. CMIT Solutions is ahead of the curve on convergence, and we expect our customers to benefit greatly!

Telepresence comes of age. Videoconferencing is commonplace; most laptops have web cameras, and many new smart phones use Apple’s FaceTime. But the picture quality is often poor and the connection can lag, so business people fall back on their old standby, the conference call. Telepresence is far more advanced. It combines sound, video and interactive displays into a multimedia package that is as close to meeting in person as you can get. It uses one or more large screens, high-quality video and clear audio — and it becomes available for small businesses in 2012. CMIT Solutions is a leader in telepresence technologies, and we’re planning to roll out some new hardware soon to help our franchise owners keep clients up-to-speed on this emerging technology.

Cloud computing. Everyone at SMB Nation tried to get a handle on the cloud. Companies are discovering that storing data in the cloud is safer, more secure and often less expensive than maintaining local servers. Besides CMIT Anywhere, our premier cloud service, we’re launching private cloud solutions for small businesses that use local machines to keep the cloud on site, which keeps the system from lagging because of a slow Internet connection. Want to learn more? Take a look at this site, an information hub about emerging cloud services.

In IT, changes in best practices and technology for businesses happen quickly. Companies that use emerging technologies correctly cut costs and compete better. In today’s tough economy, that can mean the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

The small businesses we support with long-term managed IT support contracts need us to help them stay ahead of the curve and ahead of their competitors. It’s why we’re committed to staying abreast of the latest technology and the issues front-line technicians are facing every day.

When a small business owner partners with a CMIT Solutions franchisee for IT service and support, the owner has the support of a nationwide system of technicians and professionals behind him or her, delivering the best service at an affordable cost.

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