The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch recently featured a release announcing CMIT’s launch of CMIT Impression. Read below for the full story.

CMIT Solutions Launches ‘CMIT Impression: Visual Collaboration Made Easy’ for Small Businesses

Use of Mondopad, MeetMe Video Conferencing, Any-to-Any Platform Will Revolutionize Small Business Communication

The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch

The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch

AUSTIN, TX, Dec 13, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — CMIT Solutions, a leading managed service IT provider for small businesses, has unveiled a new package that will transform the way small businesses communicate and operate.

CMIT Impression combines enterprise-class collaboration — including video conferencing, whiteboarding and interactive presentations — with a 55-inch, touch-optimized tablet and a conferencing bridge that transcends operating systems. The bridge allows users to see each other, talk, share documents and view presentations using any video platform from anywhere in the world.

CMIT Solutions calls it “Visual Collaboration Made Easy,” and it represents a massive step forward for easy-to-use technology available to small businesses. Traditionally, small business owners have been slow to adopt video conferencing because of the inconsistent quality of consumer-grade systems and the prohibitive price of enterprise-level offerings, causing them to rely on the traditional conference call.

Small business owners and employees are traveling less and relying more on telecommuting, driving the need for a superior version of video conferencing: visual collaboration. CMIT Solutions is leading the market’s adoption of a higher-quality visual collaboration tool previously out of reach for most small businesses.

CMIT Impression solves the problem through a pair of technology partners: California-based Vidtel, whose cloud-based, high-definition MeetMe video conferencing system provides up to 12 users on a conferencing “bridge”; and Oregon-based InFocus, whose 55-inch Mondopad giant tablet has a touch screen, digital whiteboarding and high-quality audio and is powered by an integrated Windows 7 Pro PC. CMIT Solutions has worked closely with InFocus in recent months in preparation for the company’s general Mondopad launch, demonstrating CMIT Solutions’ growing influence in the industry.

The combination allows small business owners, colleagues and clients to easily talk, share documents and take part in interactive presentations without being in the same location. CMIT Impression offers everything an enterprise-class video conferencing system does, at a competitive price and across any popular video-chat application. CMIT Impression includes collaboration features such as a shared whiteboard, annotation and document sharing, which allows multiple parties to share documents through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.