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IT service offerings are changing along with the small and medium business segment’s reliance on technology. CMIT is riding this wave.  As the leader in the IT managed services industry, CMIT has learned how to align itself with the goals of the businesses and decision-makers we serve.  More and more, astute customers are demanding a managed service approach to keeping their IT infrastructure maintained. It simply makes better sense to pay to proactively avoid downtime and IT service interruption rather than pay to reactively correct problems that could have been avoided. In the managed services model, both the customer and IT service provider’s motives are perfectly aligned. In CMIT’s Managed Services Business Model, customer relationships are based on multi-year agreements. Revenues and relationships are predictable and long term.  This reduces the risk to the prospective buyer of your business, increasing the valuation and the price the buyer is willing to pay.

A Proven Business System

The type of managed services packages that CMIT offers are critical to business success in this day and age. Our solid year-over-year growth, our company size, our number of years in business, and our high success rate prove that our system is tested and solid.

Our business model offers recurring revenues.

Our managed services business model, which allows clients to outsource IT management services at affordable, consistent monthly rates they can budget for and foresee, also offers an advantage for our franchisees.

Recurring Revenues

The recurring revenues generated by our managed services model allows CMIT owners to build a structured stream of income that can allow for more predictable long-term planning. Our Home Office is committed to our franchisees, and after years of careful financial analysis we know that these recurring revenues offer you the greatest chance of success.


Go into business for yourself – without going it alone.

Our Home Office Team of professionals pride themselves in providing exceptional support to our franchisees! In fact, a recent third party survey of our franchisees by Fran Survey and Franchise Institute ranked us in their “World Class” franchise category because of this. You will be provided exceptional training, mentoring, and support to help you expand your IT career into a lucrative business. In addition, the company’s board of directors and leadership team have strong and diverse backgrounds as corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and investors, with executive-level experience at IBM and Microsoft as well as experience at startups and venture capital firms. Many have been with CMIT since its inception, have followed varied and diverse IT career paths, and continue to invest in our bright future.

Local Experts with Brand Power

CMIT Solutions offers these services through a nationwide system of more than 150 franchise units run by passionate and skilled local entrepreneurs. Local franchisees simply do a better job of serving their clients and building long-term trust — local business owners like to do business with other businesses in their community. Our franchisees are not just IT service providers but trusted professional advisors to their clients.



Put global technology leaders on speed dial.

If you set up your own independent IT shop, what are the chances you could instantly make the right contacts at companies like Dell and Microsoft? CMIT franchise owners already have direct access to these global leaders and many others.

CMIT Solutions has spent years cultivating close relationships with our alliance partners. Those relationships give franchise owners access to the full range of products, services, and expertise that small businesses need to be successful. From email to hardware, from backups to security, we’ve got it. So while your customers know that they can come to you as their single technology resource, you can count on the stability of multiple revenue streams and improved bottom-line margins due to our ability to negotiate with alliance partners.

Join our network of successful entrepreneurs.

Delivering top-quality managed technology services to the nation’s small and medium-sized businesses is CMIT Solutions’ number-one priority. As a managed service provider in the top 5% of all MSPs in the US, CMIT’s large, visible presence commands clout in the industry. We believe the benefit of growth should rest in the hands of individual business owners. Therefore, CMIT chooses to deliver its services through the franchise model, allowing business owners to be close to clients and part of their local business community.

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