Hungry? Restaurants Could be Feeding Your Information to Hackers

January 18th, 2019|CEO Blog|

January 28 is National Data Privacy Day, which means now is an ideal time to understand how to protect your business and devices from obvious hacker targets to less-common methods of information [...]

Are You Making It Easier for Hackers to Target Your Business?

December 11th, 2018|CEO Blog|

You may think your phone simply helps you catch up on emails while on the go during the workday. But at the same time, hackers could steal the sensitive data that you [...]

Cybersecurity Scams That May Affect Your Small Business

November 13th, 2018|CEO Blog|

Scammers either position themselves as the support you need or the threat you want to avoid. Anyone can fall for their attempts, but small to medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable to certain [...]

A Slow-Running Computer Could Signal Problems that Hamper Productivity

October 26th, 2018|CEO Blog|

You’re not imagining it: at the end of a long work day or even a few hours of processing, your computer might really be running slow. When you have a long list [...]

Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Demand Increased Cybersecurity

September 25th, 2018|CEO Blog|

Today’s cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated — in fact, for the average web user, it’s difficult to differentiate real links from fake ones. This is especially aggravating when hackers prey on vulnerabilities [...]

A Proactive Approach to Password Security is Essential for Business

August 27th, 2018|CEO Blog|

Today’s businesses store large amounts of sensitive information, including credit card and social security numbers, online. In most cases, the gateway to all that data rests with just one password. Why is [...]

3 Ways to Make Cybersecurity More Fun and Protect Your Business

July 24th, 2018|CEO Blog|

The cybersecurity landscape is always changing. Fresh data breaches, password hacks, and identity thefts happen every day, compromising sensitive data and negatively affecting small to medium-sized businesses. These data threats are scary, [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Data, Devices, and Digital Identity

June 26th, 2018|CEO Blog|

Today’s business climate is Internet-driven, so digital security is increasingly important. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), such protection should be a priority. Damaging malware and viruses can infect devices and wreak [...]

Proactive Planning — A Vital Part of Disaster Preparedness

May 31st, 2018|CEO Blog|

Consider implementing a multi-pronged system approach to secure your business data and minimize disruptions in case of extreme natural events Across the country, spring weather has finally arrived, giving cities and states [...]

Consider Proactive Computer Upgrades to Avoid Future Headaches

April 25th, 2018|CEO Blog|

Your business computer systems seem to be cruising along just fine and the hardware that you rely on looks okay. So it’s easy to understand the temptation to opt for the status [...]