shutterstock_238197196As IT staffing within small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) continues to be a thriving sector, it feeds on an unfortunate trend: hacking and data breaches. In fact, 2014 was the second most successful year on record for hackers looking to pillage credit card data, social security numbers, and a wealth of personal information. The good news, according to this Boston Business Journal article, is that in terms of minimizing the damage from these online assaults, local businesses and nonprofits appear to have collectively waged a vastly improved defense.

In Massachusetts alone, there were 1,243 data breaches reported by businesses, nonprofits, and government entities last year, affecting around 90,000 residents. These numbers, while still shocking when you consider the population of the state is more than 6.5 million, are a vast improvement from the previous year, when 1,555 data breaches were reported and 1.16 million residents (more than one in six people!) were affected. The drop in numbers can be attributed to the small business community waking up to the very real threat that data security poses for the futures of their businesses.

So what kind of technology solutions can help keep the threat of data breaches at bay? First and foremost, CMIT Solutions packages anti-virus and malware blockers with its core proactive services. However, protecting the valuable data of SMBs requires much more effort than that. Cyber Security Protection (CSP) is a tool offered by CMIT Solutions that every small- and medium-size business can benefit from. While businesses in Massachusetts and beyond have certainly taken preliminary measures to prevent data breaches, the question still stands: have you and your business built a vastly improved defense against cyber attacks? Much work is stil left to be done on this front.

CMIT offers the “complete solution” — assessing the technology needs of every SMB we work with to find the fastest, safest, most cutting-edge solutions in the business, at a price our clients can afford. Our specialized suite of services combines intimate local service and proactive IT solutions that make technology work for SMBs, not against it.