Be Your Own Boss

Are you looking to be your own boss? Maybe you are stuck at a thankless corporate job. Maybe you just got laid off and want to start something new. Maybe you just want to be the one making all the big decisions. Whatever the reason, franchising can be exactly what you are looking for.

There are a bunch of options when it comes to being your own boss. Starting a business is a common way to achieve this. You come up with an idea, then a business plan, gather up some capital, then dive in headfirst. Will you have time to set up a CRM? Training for new employees? How about a marketing plan?

All these things add up real quick.

This means that starting a new company from scratch can cost a fortune in both time and money.

Another option is to go the freelance or consulting route. You can set your own hours, take on as much or as little work as you want or need. Additionally, as your portfolio grows, so does the amount of money you can charge for your services.


The struggle with this form of self-employment is uncertainty. There is the initial problem of getting established. You need to have already made a name for yourself or must be able to confidently communicate your expertise to potential clients. Without an established circle of contacts, getting your first few clients can be daunting. Plus you are always on the lookout for your next gig.

That doesn’t even include the long-term disadvantage of not having an asset to sell later when you want to retire.

Although starting your own business or becoming a freelancer are great options that have helped many people become self-employed, they can be nearly impossible without a myriad of help in the money, marketing, and/or method categories. That leaves a third and very viable option.


Would you like to be in business FOR YOURSELF but not BY YOURSELF?

This is what it is like to join an already established company as a Franchisee. The Franchisor has a network of established companies that help you with your business method needs. There is an established marketing strategy to help you bring in leads and customers. Then there is the fact that it allows you to get your business up and running for considerably less money than it would be to do on your own.

CMIT Solutions is a great example of this. We have a network of over 180 franchisees with over 240 locations and an award-winning Home Office to help you get trained, established, and on your way to grow a thriving business.

Here are just a few of our accolades:

  • The Franchise Research Institute has named us a World-Class Franchise since 2006
  • Entrepreneur Franchise Ranked us #1 in our category
  • Entrepreneur named us a Top Low-Cost Enterprise

We also have a world-class marketing team that provides you with direct support and an industry-leading Marketing Playbook.

With CMIT Solutions you will NEVER be ALONE.

But you WILL be your own boss.