In recognition of Father’s Day, CMIT Solutions took a moment to celebrate dads in the network in June. Owning a business has many perks and one of them is the ability to spend quality time with your family. Dads within the network constantly comment on the flexible lifestyle, which enables them to be involved in their family’s lives and to create one-on-one relationships.

This Father’s Day, dads at CMIT Solutions reflected on what being a business owner means in their lives as well as the lives of their children:

“The biggest challenge has always been balancing a 60 hour work week with the needs of the five most important people in the world.  As a business owner, I have the flexibility to carve out time for my kids when they have something important in their lives. Nothing beats the title ‘Dad.’” – Dan Reilly, CMIT Solutions of Northern Colorado Springs

“My children were teenagers when I first opened CMIT Solutions in 2009, during the deepest part of the recession. They are my biggest fans and continue to watch and support me in growing the business. Being able to show them how hard work creates opportunities, teach them to have faith, and be the best they can be, is invaluable.” – Doug Bates, CMIT Solutions of Fayette/Coweta

“Owning my business and working from home has given me the flexibility to be there for those unscripted moments when I am needed as a father and husband. My kids tell me that I work too hard, but I see them working hard now too, and work is an honorable human endeavor.” – Scott Brennan, CMIT Solutions Fox Valley North

“The greatest joy of owning a CMIT franchise is that it allows me to participate in my daughters’ lives. I live in Vermont and can still run my business in New York City. The work life balance enables me to take my children to school at 8 a.m. and pick them up again at 2:30 p.m., all while I am be able to share the rest of the day with them. I also have the flexibility to go on class trips and to help in their classrooms.” – Evan Stein, CMIT Solutions of Wall Street and Grand Central

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