You may think your phone simply helps you catch up on emails while on the go during the workday. But at the same time, hackers could steal the sensitive data that you hold in your hand. Many businesses remember to secure their network and privacy settings on laptops or desktops to protect systems from malware and hackers, but most don’t realize that mobile devices can pose the same threat as computers.

Personal phones and tablets have become go-to devices, especially for small and medium-sized businesses looking to save on equipment costs. But hackers can take control if the device is not protected.

The increase of mobile device usage over the years has attracted the attention of cybercriminals. These devices, which can snap photos, share locations, and open corporate attachments, provide easier access points for hackers than typical computers, according to Forbes.

Though the importance of mobile device management is often overlooked, with only about one-third of corporations actually implementing a mobile malware solution, it’s just as critical in order to protect business data and network security.

Managed service technology providers like CMIT Solutions recognize the threat. We can easily implement mobile device management to protect your business. Often, the process is as simple as installing a trusted smart app on your phone or tablet.

At CMIT Solutions, we offer mobile device management to secure phones or tablets while protecting the privacy and integrity of your employees’ personal devices. Every phone and tablet is just one click away from being infected, potentially compromising your data. Keep your business data safe and secure.

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