Do you have an affinity for technology and understand its role in business? Do you enjoy helping other small businesses grow and enjoy success? CMIT Solutions may be the right franchising opportunity for you.

We’re looking for excellent candidates who have a desire to succeed within our franchise system. A shining example of our ideal franchisee is Bob Riesenbach, owner and president of CMIT Solutions of Cherry Hill. Bob, along with Larry Kerrigan, owner of CMIT Solutions of Boston-Cambridge, manages the IT infrastructure of Metrocorp, the publication company for both Philadelphia and Boston Magazines.  The duo demonstrates the talented and geographically diverse support that CMIT Solutions can offer clients through their multi-location IT support, working across Metrocorp’s multiple offices from New Jersey to Boston.

In fact, Daniel Shimberg, Director of IT for Metrocorp, credits CMIT Solutions’ national reach as the reason he began to work with the brand.

“I have been running IT at Metrocorp for over 30 years as a one-person shop,” Shimberg said. “I couldn’t possibly do everything required for 120+ users in two cities without support. When I learned that [CMIT Solutions] has operations in both the cities that we work in, that was a big selling point.”

Metrocorp recently signed their second renewal contract with CMIT Solutions of Cherry Hill, meaning Philadelphia Magazine is in its third term with the IT provider.

“I would recommend CMIT Solutions to any IT manager or business owner who’s looking for support,” Shimberg said. “They go above and beyond the standard. Since signing on with them 4+ years ago, I have never considered switching to another vendor.”

As CMIT Solutions continues to pave the way with affordable IT services for small and mid-sized businesses on a national level, top-notch client relations and technology innovations remain at the center of the brand’s philosophy. That is exemplified by Metrocorp’s trusted relationship with CMIT Solutions of Cherry Hill. If you want to build wealth, be a player in your community, and own a business you’re passionate about, we would like to connect with you.

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