Absolutely — an IT support franchise can capitalize on growing tech trends

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Small businesses' average annual technology spending is on the rise. Source: CompTIA, 3rd Annual SMB IT Spending Trends Study.

Is an IT support franchise the kind of business a smart, technology-oriented entrepreneur should consider?

Without a doubt. Businesses rely more and more on increasingly complex technology that only a skilled, full-time, fully staffed IT department or an outsourced managed services provider can install, update and maintain.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) especially used to rely on an in-house “computer guy” who might not even work with technology full-time but knew his way around a server, or a “break-fix” vendor who’d come around when the system crashed — if you could reach him.

Not anymore. Small businesses are spending, and willing to spend, more on technology every year. Domestic SMBs spent more than $125 billion on technology in 2011, up from $120 billion the year before, according to the market research and analysis firm IDC. IT spending by SMBs is expected to reach $630 billion worldwide by 2014, with annual growth of 5.5 percent — an impressive statistic considering the still-shaky state of the world economy.

When the IT trade association CompTIA asked small and medium-sized business owners recently whether their IT spending would increase from the previous year, 71 percent said yes — and nearly half, 48 percent, said spending would rise 6 to 15 percent. A full third of companies CompTIA surveyed said they expected their IT spending to increase by at least 10 percent.

CMIT Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor at CMIT Solutions' home office in Austin, Texas, showcasing our top-performing local owners.

So the market clearly exists for small businesses to turn to managed services providers for help in managing their growing technology needs. Managed services help small businesses operate more efficiently by minimizing technology problems, making monthly IT budgets consistent and freeing business owners and employees to concentrate on their businesses.

An IT support franchise offers all those advantages, plus one that can’t be manufactured or faked — the trust level one local small business owner can develop with a peer. CMIT Solutions is a network of local business owners who provide technology solutions for small and medium businesses in their communities.

The ultimate goal of CMIT local owners is not just to win business but keep it over years, even decades, by becoming trusted technology advisors to business clients. They don’t just want to respond when their clients need help. They want clients to think of them as part of the team, working alongside fellow small business owners to keep their businesses trouble-free and profitable.

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