Today’s business climate is Internet-driven, so digital security is increasingly important. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), such protection should be a priority. Damaging malware and viruses can infect devices and wreak havoc on your systems, compromising personal data and identities.

That’s why a multi-layered approach is so important. In order to protect data and digital identity, small to medium-sized businesses should have IT solutions like systems monitoring, remote backup, and password management in place. In addition, every SMB deserves a trusted IT partner who can protect their digital devices and stand ready to help when cybersecurity issues emerge.

At CMIT Solutions, cybersecurity is paramount. Below are five ways to protect your data, your devices, and your digital identity.

  1. Be alert

Don’t fall victim to phishing scams and malicious software. If the domain name of the email address doesn’t seem legitimate or the body of the email has multiple grammar and spelling mistakes, flag that email as spam. Train your employees to identify the hallmarks of suspicious emails and be wary of clicking on any unfamiliar links or opening documents or attachments from unknown senders.

  1. Use strong and varying passwords

Passwords allow you plenty of control when it comes to effectively protecting your data. Use strong and complicated passwords and never repeat them across multiple sites. Additionally, incorporating two-factor authentication, a system that requires you to verify your identity after entering your password, ensures that your data remains secure.

  1. Upgrade from consumer-grade to business-grade devices

Take your firewalls and routers to the next level and get the protection your business deserves. It only takes one click, one phishing scam, or one malware infection to completely compromise your systems. Consumer-grade network-connected devices such as firewalls and routers may not meet the level of protection necessary for your business. 

  1. Take extra steps to protect your data

Automatic backups ensure that your data is carefully stored and digitally encrypted. If your systems are compromised, these backups can serve as your lifeline. A trusted IT provider will ensure that these data backups are created and stored regularly and remotely.

  1. Contact a trusted IT professional for guidance on security patches and software updates

Get the job done right with a trusted IT professional who can handle regular software updates and security patches for your business. Remember, different devices require different levels of action to ensure that your data receives the protection it deserves.

Protecting your data and devices the right way requires a time commitment that many SMBs don’t have. Rather than sacrificing the precious security of your devices and compromising your business, enlist the help of CMIT Solutions to stay on top of your digital security.

To learn more about what you can do to protect your devices and to get more information on CMIT’s multi-layered approach to security, contact us today.