The cybersecurity landscape is always changing. Fresh data breaches, password hacks, and identity thefts happen every day, compromising sensitive data and negatively affecting small to medium-sized businesses.

These data threats are scary, not fun. What can be fun is the way you think about the solutions to your company’s most threatening IT issues. CMIT Solutions is committed to providing your small to medium-sized business with proactive solutions that let you focus on serving your customers rather than worrying about IT. But it’s important to understand what your company can do to better identify the most common threats and protect your data. Here are three ways to approach this in a more fun, compelling way.

  1. Think of firewalls like a bodyguard

Cyberthreats are the paparazzi, your company’s data is the flashy celebrity, and your firewall is the physically imposing bodyguard. Just like that bodyguard, your firewall should be fierce, protective, and effective. Consider this security measure your first line of defense from those pesky cyberthreats. Rather than cutting costs and braving it with less effective alternatives, make sure you give your business the level of protection it needs and deserves with firewalls that’ll do the job right.

  1. Think of passwords like a whole new language

There are special knocks and secret handshakes, but when it comes to your passwords, leave no room for no guessing. It’s tempting to use passwords that are easy to remember — most passwords involve significant pieces of information such as a pet or child’s names or an anniversary date. But with today’s online social climate making it easier than ever to access personal information, your passwords should be so strong, so unique, and so complicated that not even Rosetta Stone could help decipher this foreign language. Hackers can try out billions of combinations in seconds — make yours the one they’ll never guess.

  1. Think of unfamiliar emails like wedding crashers

No one invited them, but that doesn’t mean they won’t show up. When unfamiliar emails from illegitimate senders and domain names descend on your inbox, don’t engage them — they’re just trying to crash your party. All it takes is one accidental click on an illicit link within an email to wreak havoc on your systems with malicious software and other security threats. Email security is essential to your business, so it’s important to implement extra security measures to ensure suspicious messages don’t even make it to your inbox (no plus-ones allowed).

Understanding the threats posed to your business makes it easier to seek out the solutions you need. CMIT Solutions goes above and beyond to provide effective digital security for your business, worrying about the not-so-fun cyberthreats out there so you don’t have to.

To learn more about business-saving strategies and how CMIT Solutions can help you have fun growing your business, contact us today.