Constant news about cyberattacks and data storage hassles delivered a banner year for CMIT Solutions, with 30 new territories awarded within an already strong network of 170+ franchise partners across North America. New CMIT offices were established in California, Colorado, Cincinnati, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Winnipeg, Canada.

The wide range of new CMIT Solutions locations points to the growing demand for comprehensive and IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) all across North America. As SMBs transfer more of their data online and away from paper equivalents, the need for IT solutions is only expected to increase in 2018. CMIT Solutions looks forward to even more measured growth in the new year.

CMIT Solutions’ expertise did not go unnoticed in the media. Most impressive was CMIT Solutions’ performance on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500® list: a #1 rating in the Miscellaneous Tech Services section in the Tech category and #117 overall. CMIT Solutions garnered national press in outlets like Newsday and Digital Guardian with solutions for managing data security in the wake of a disaster or other incidents. Regional publicity also registered strong as CMIT Solutions was featured in a host of publications such as the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the Eagle Tribune, and on television programs such as Charlotte Today.

Franchise partners were routinely called upon to share their insights as hurricanes battered parts of the United State and data storage and safety came into the spotlight. The rise in the frequency of high-profile cyberattacks also led CMIT Solutions franchise partners to share tips for securing sensitive data in business publications such as the Hampton Roads Business Journal and the Orlando Business Journal.

We’re grateful to wrap up another successful year and look forward to 2018 as new opportunities await. We invite you to join us.