Dr. Adam Dissel and his partner Elizabeth Dissel might be rocket scientists, but they face the same small business IT challenges that other small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do. The Dissels, President and Business Support Analyst, respectively, of the American subsidiary of UK-based Reaction Engines, Inc., had significant IT requirements to meet with limited resources at their disposal to hire full-time IT staff that could tackle them efficiently. With John Cannata, President and CEO of CMIT Solutions of West Metro Denver, they found the answer to their woes

Based in Castle Rock, Colorado, the business manufactures hypersonic machines based on futuristic space propulsion concepts. As such, they must meet complex regulatory requirements set forth by U.S. government agencies like NASA and the Air Force. In addition, work with multinational giants like Boeing and Lockheed Martin requires small businesses to respond efficiently to changing technology needs. Working with engineers around the world also means constant — and secure — cloud access to necessary servers.

Dr. Dissel says that Cannata understood their specific small business IT needs, crafting custom-tailored solutions to get the job done. Equally important, Cannata made the time to listen and find out what the Dissels’ concerns were. CMIT Solutions of West Metro Denver immediately rose to the challenge of providing a range of small business IT solutions to Reaction Engines Inc., including 24-hour help desk services, remote server access, software support, and comprehensive data protection.

CMIT Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of IT services and protection that builds strong levels of defense around business data, devices, and online identities. While Dr. Adam Dissel says that news of headline-grabbing data breaches does scare him, he is confident that Cannata and CMIT Solutions keep a finger on the pulse of trends in the cybersecurity world — and keep his data is safe.

“It’s extremely comforting that there’s someone who knows more than I do,” Dr. Dissel said. “We have confidence that John and his team are paying attention and will tell us if we need to be concerned or take action. I find a lot of comfort in that.”

CMIT Solutions delivers cutting-edge small business IT solutions for many SMBs like Reaction Engines, Inc. With CMIT Solutions franchise partners like John Cannata, SMBs have access to a comprehensive suite of IT solutions without having to hire IT staff of their own, a competitive edge for SMBs of all stripes.

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